Molecular Medicinal Chemistry                         IDECEFYN                                            ISSN 1666-888X


Vol 10  May-August 2006 pags. 1-49







Properties of Dehydroleucodine, A Lactone isolated from Artemisia douglasiana Besser

Alicia B. Penissi, Oscar S. Giordano, Jorge A. Guzmán, María I. Rudolph, Ramón S. Piezzi



Antiviral activity of Larrea divaricata extracts on Junin virus

Brenda Konigheim, Javier Aguilar, Marta Goleniowski and Marta Contigiani



Development of an in vitro culture of Larrea divaricata for biomass production

Lorena Palacio, Guillermina Bomgiovanni, Noelia Luchino and Marta Goleniowski



Study of the mutagenesis and antimutagenesis of Rheedia acuminata using Salmonella typhimurium retromutation assay

Ery Odette Fukushima Guachalla



Antimicrobial activity of essential oils from plants native to southern Ecuador

Maria Elena Cazar, Aída Cazar and María Fernanda Rosales



In vitro antitumoral activity determination of native plant extracts of the central region of Argentina

Guillermina Bongiovanni, Noelia Luchino, Lorena Palacio, Aldo R. Eynard, Juan José Cantero and Marta E. Goleniowski



Search for active metabolites of Erythrina crista-galli and its endophyte Phomopsis sp.

F. Redko, M. Clavin, D. Weber, T. Anke and V. Martino



Antioxidant capacity of aromatic spices of Mendoza

Claudia Amadio, Mónica Zimmermann, Rosa Medina and Susana Miralles



Interaction between terpenes and penicillin on bacterial strains resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics

Gallucci N., Casero C., Oliva M.,  Zygadlo J. and Demo M.



Evaluation of the Argentinean garlic germplasm in relation to its aptitude for the freeze drying process

María M. Sance, Mónica Bauzá, Alejandra B. Camargo, Roxana E. González and Verónica E. Soto



Stereospecificity of pig liver esterase in the hydrolysis of racemic esters derived from 1,8‑cineole

Ma. del Huerto Loandos, A. Carolina Muro, Margarita B. Villecco and César A. Catalán



Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg. : Ethnobotanic and/or ethnomedical uses, and latex industrial application

Mónica S. Rubió



Minthostachys verticillata: toxicity of its essential oil and major constituents to Artemia salina and cell lines

Sonia B. Sutil, Andrea Astesano, Verónica Vogt, Cristina V. Torres, Silvia M. Zanon, and Liliana I. Sabini



Comparative Pharmacobotanic Study of Argentinean Aristolochias

Gloria Susana Jaime, Gloria E. Barboza  and Marta A. Vattuone



Preliminary information for a sustainable harvesting program of wild aromatic plants in the Sierras of Córdoba, Argentina.

Javier Bustos, Sara Alperín  and Emma Bonino



Leaf anatomy of medicinal shrubs and trees from gallery forests (Paranaense Province) Argentina

Ana Arambarri, Susana Freire, Marta Colares, Néstor Bavón, María Novoa, Claudia Monti, and Sebastián Stenglein