Molecular Medicinal Chemistry                         IDECEFYN                                            ISSN 1666-888X


Vol 1  Number  1  July-September, 2003 pags. 1-58







Cult-Hoasca: A Model for Schizophrenia

A. B. Pomilio, A. A. Vitale and   J. Ciprian-Ollivier



Pharmacological Activity and Phytochemical Studies of Erythrina crista-galli Extracts

S. Etcheverry, A. Vázquez and H. Heinzen



Optimized Calculation on the Inhibition of Carbonic Anhydrase Isozymes I and II by some Phenyl and Pyridyl Substituted Sulfanilamide Schiff’s Bases

Germán Krenkel and Eduardo A. Castro



Antioxidant Activity in Rhizomes of Smilax campestris Griseb. (Smilacaceae)

A. Z. Rugna, J. Polo, P. Evelson, S. Llesuy  and M. L. Wagner



Bolax gummifera: Cytotoxicity against KB Cells of Bornyl  and iso-Bornyl Esters

E. Mongelli, J. Martiáñez, J. Anaya , C. Grande, M. Grande and A. B. Pomilio



Herbivory Effects on the Chemical Constituents of Bromus pictus

Laura Sara Malec and Alicia Beatriz Pomilio



Optimized Growth Conditions and Determination of the Catalytic Type of the Peptidase Complex from a Novel Callus Culture of Pineapple (Ananas comosus)

G. Fernández Saulo and A. B. Pomilio



Evaluation of the Effect of the Pseudostem Powder of Musa paradisiaca L. in Gastric Ischemia / Reperfusion (I/R) induced in Rats

M. R. Pérez Capote, C. Rodríguez Torres , I. Orellanes Guevara , G. Martínez Sánchez, O. S. León Fernández, S. Sam Rodríguez and D. Álvarez



Antioxidant ability and Structure Influence of  Lignans and Phenylpropanes isolated from Larrea nitida

F. Urbina, R. Torres and B. Modak



Chemical Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of the Essential Oil of Leaves and Roots of Croton hieronymi Griseb.

C. S. de Heluani, M. P. de Lampasona, M. I. Vega and C. A. N. Catalán



Secondary Metabolites of Chemical, Biological and Industrial Interest from the Flora of Chile

M. Silva, M. Bittner, M. Hoeneisen and J. Becerra



Antiparasitic activity of Melia azedarach growing in Argentina

V. D. Szewzuk, E. R. Mongelli and A. B. Pomilio



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