Vol 21  January-April 2010


This is a special issue dedicated to biotechnology of  Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of Argentina


Associated Editor: Dra Mónica S. Sanchez, Inv. CONICET, Minist. de C. y T. de Córdoba





Antioxidant effects of four native medicinal plants collected in Córdoba

Alicia Aguirre  and  Rafael Borneo


1 - 3

First approaches in the study of cytotoxic and mutagenic damage induced by cold aqueous extract of Baccharis articulata on normal cells

Laura Noelia Cariddi, Franco Matías Escobar, María Carola Sabini, Cristina Vanesa Torres, Julio Alberto Zygadlo,  Liliana Inés Sabini.


4 - 7

Phenotypic variability of four wild populations of Baccharis crispa Spreng. mountains area of the Province of Córdoba, Argentina

Chaves, A.G., Torres, L.E., Massuh, Y., Brunetti, P. , Ocaño, S.F. , Castillo, N.E., Bustos, J.A.  and Ojeda, M.S.


8 - 10

Arctium minus (Hill) Bernh. (Asteraceae) aspartylendopeptidases with potential application in the formulation of nutraceutical products

Cecilia V. Cimino, Constanza S. Liggieri, Nora S. Priolo, Mariela A. Bruno, Sandra E. Vairo-Cavalli


11 -16

In vitroHedeoma multiflorum Benth propagation in response to different nutritional conditions

Díaz, M.S., Figueroa A.C , Palacio L., and Goleniowski M.E


17 -20

Garlic Oil. Its use in equines as a promoter of cicatrisation

M. Salvi, Daniela Zubeldía, J. Sereno, Patricia Bertone, R. Cocco, J. Rotondo, R. Audap – Soubie


24 -27

Cytotoxic activity of Thelesperma megapotamicum (Spreng.) Kuntnze on cell MCF-7 (human breast carcinoma cells)

Figueroa Ana, Soria Elio A., Bongiovanni Guillermina A., Goleniowski Marta E.


28 - 37

Morphological and cytogenetic characterization in native populations of Hedeoma multiflorum Benth

C. Liébana, A. Ordóñez and  M. S. Ojeda


38 - 40

Fungitoxic activity of Zuccagnia punctata extracts

C. M. Jiménez, D. A. Sampietro, V. González; J. R. Soberón, M. A. Sgariglia and M. A. Vattuone


41 - 43

Secondary gaseous metabolites analyses  of wild Artemisia annua L.

Lázaro F. R. Cafferata,  Walter O. Gatti and Sergio Mijailosky   


44 - 47


In Vitro Screening of Plant Extract:  Neurotoxic Effects of the “Sierras de Córdoba”, Argentina Plant Extracts

Carlos Alberto Landa and Mónica S. Sanchez


48 - 52

Comparative study of Tilia x viridis extract and isolated compounds on the proliferation of two lymphoma cell lines.

Patricia Micucci, Paola Di Leo Lira, Gabriela Zettler, Sebastian Turner, Graciela Ferraro, Roberto Davicino, Claudia Anesini.


53 - 59

Antiradical and cytotoxic activity of Origanum species extracts

Ana Cristina Molina, María Ana González, Carmen Inés Viturro


60 - 63

Effect of inoculum age on kinetic of biomass formation and phenolic accumulations in Larrea divaricata Cav. cell suspension culture

Lorena Palacio, Juan J. Cantero, Rosa Cusido, Marta E. Goleniowski


64 - 69

In vitro culture of Peumus boldus Molina via direct organogenesis

Daniela Ríos, Daniel Sandoval, Cristian Gómez


70 - 72

Characterization of Origanum species grown in Quebrada de Humahuaca, Jujuy, Argentina, through the study of the essential oils

Carmen Inés Viturro, Ana Cristina Molina, Walter Cosme Villa, Cecilia Inés Heit


73 - 79

Phenotypic characterization of adult plants of Suico obtained from irradiated seeds

Massuh, Y.; Brunetti, P.C.; Ocaño, S. Chaves, A.G.; Torres L.E.; Castillo, N.;  Bustos, J.A.; Chautemps, A.; Zygadlo, J. and Ojeda, M.


80 - 83

Action of extracts obtained with organic solvents from Minthostachys verticillata (Griseb.) Epling on viability of Herpes simplex Type 1 virus (HSV-1)

María Carola Sabini, Laura Noelia Cariddi, Franco Matías Escobar, Juan Javier Aguilar, Carlos EugenioTonn, Marta Silvia Contigiani, Liliana Inés Sabini


84 - 87

Study of antiinflammatory activity of metabolites isolated from Tripodanthus acutifolius

Soberón J.R., Sgariglia M.A., Sampietro D.A., Quiroga E.N., Vattuone M.A.

88 - 90

Evaluation of the agronomic performance and taxonomic characterization of four clones of oregano (Origanum sp.)

Torres, L. E.; Chaves, A. G.; Barboza, G.; Brunetti, P.; Bustos, J. A.; Massuh, Y.; Ocaño, S.; Castillo, N.; y M. S. Ojeda


91 - 93

Crystal structure, spectroscopic properties and antimicrobial activity of 4H-1-Benzopyran-4-one, 5-hydroxy-2-(4-hydroxyphenyl)- 7-methoxy- 6,8-dimethyl  from  Miconia ioneura Griseb. Melastomataceae

M.I. Tracanna, S.M. Amani, E. Romano, A.B. Raschi, L.R. Hernández Molina, O.E. Piro, E.E. Castellano, A.M. Benavente


94 - 104

Verbascum thapsus: Antifungal and phytotoxic properties

Verónica Vogt, Carolina Cravero, Carlos Tonn, Liliana Sabini, Susana Rosas


105 - 108


Fungitoxic effects of Achyrocline satureioides (marcela) on plant pathogens

Verónica Vogt, Carlos Tonn, Liliana Sabini, Susana Rosas

109 - 112

Detection of boldine via HPLC in Peumus boldus Molina propagated by in vitro culture

Daniela Ríos, Daniel Sandoval, Ángela Pineda, Cristian Gómez


113 - 116

Minthostachys verticillata essentials oil and its major components: antiherpetic selective action in HEp-2 cells.

María V. Vogt; Sonia B. Sutil; Franco M. Escobar, María C. Sabini, Laura N. Cariddi, Cristina V. Torres, Silvia M. Zanon, Liliana I. Sabini


117 - 120

Derivated products from Achyrocline satureioides and Arnica montana, with immunomodulating effects

Flavia S. Alaniz, Luis A. Mazzarini , Mirta S. Demo, Liliana I. Sabini and Ana M. Maldonado


121 - 124

In vitro response of different Salvia hispanica L. (Lamiaceae) explants

Mirian Bueno, Osvaldo Di Sapio, Melisa Barolo, María Emilia Villalonga, Héctor Busilacchi and Cecilia Severin.


125 - 126

In vitro propagation and stoloniferous stem formation of Thelesperma megapotamicum

Figueroa AC; Diaz MS; Palacio L and Goleniowski ME


127 - 131

Terpenes antimicrobial activity against slime producing and non–producing staphylococci

Gallucci, N; Oliva, M , Carezzano, E, Zygadlo, J; Demo, M